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A colonic device so compact and simple, you can use it in an airplane lavatory!

Enjoy the benefits of at-home colonics — savings, privacy, comfort, and convenience — with the Sitolonic!  
(Patented / FDA Registered)

Dr. Moon invented a revolutionary development in colonic irrigation therapy. The Sitolonic allows you to sit up while cleansing your colon. This advantageous position is not only a more natural eliminating position, it also saves you time by allowing you to simultaneously read, write, compute, or talk on the phone.  The Sitolonic is so compact and light, you can use it in an airplane lavatory.

Regular use can give you a brighter complexion, renewed energy, increased sex drive, and a boosted immune system. Using your Sitolonic will leave you feeling stronger and healthier! Colonics are especially beneficial for those suffering from:

Acne, eczema, psoriasis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Menstrual Problems



Excessive Gas

 Sore Throat



Irritable Bowel Syndrome

…and many other ailments

Find out more about the importance of colon health and the benefits of the Sitolonic:
  1. Does this describe you?    
         – Common indicators of an unhealthy colon

  2. What does the colon have to do with it?
        – How the colon affects the rest of your body, a list of common Symptoms of Bowel Distress.

  3. How does your colon get dirty?
        – Negative Effects of an Unhealthy Colon, Common Diseases of the Colon,  Common Diseases Caused by the Colon,  Leaky Gut Syndrome.

  4. Colon Cleansing Methods
        – The pros and cons of Laxatives, Enemas, and Colonic Irrigations.

  5. What is the Best Way to Cleanse the Colon?
        – An explanation of the best colon-cleansing methods, including a list of the Benefits of Colonic Irrigation.

  6. What Makes the Sitolonic Simply Better?
        – A list of the Sitolonic’s advantages over clinical colonics and other at-home devices such as the colonic board.

  7. Frequently Asked Questions
        – Eleven FAQs about safety and usage answered.

  8. How to Use your Sitolonic
        – Usage instructions, including diagram and important WARNINGS.

  9. Tips for Successful Colon Cleansing
         – Nine useful tips to improve your Sitolonic’s effectiveness.