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Eight Symmetry Acupuncture

Another great contribution made by Dr. Moon is the system of 8 Symmetry Acupuncture. It is a method of healing based on naturally occurring symmetries within the human body. He established the body’s 8 symmetries in 1972 and has since taught his findings to acupuncturists from all over the world.

The human body has 8 different types of symmetry, the most obvious being from left to right. In terms of acupuncture, the body is also symmetrical from front to back, top to bottom, through the navel point, along 3 axes and a spiral.

Chiropractic Wedges in Use

How is the left hip symmetrical to the right shoulder? And what do you mean there’s a spiral in my body?

While symmetries are far from obvious to the eye, they are a basic underlying design feature of the body. Understanding the way these symmetries work is the key to harnessing their healing energy.

Perhaps the most astounding symmetry in the body is the internal spiral symmetry. While the outside of the body is bilaterally symmetrical, inside, the circulatory and digestive systems follow a spiral.  The body can get sick when there is a conflict between the common points of the internal spiral and external bilateral symmetries.

Here is a simplified example of how 8 Symmetry Acupuncture works: Suppose you have a bruise on your left thumb. If you apply pressure to your right thumb, your injured left will heal faster. Why? The two thumbs share a meridian, in the same way that two houses that face each other share a street. If you install a light on that street, both houses benefit equally. Similarly, when the brain gets a message that the right thumb has been struck, it will send more healing energy down that meridian, increasing the overall healing power that reaches the injured left thumb. The bruised thumb will heal more quickly than if you had not used symmetry acupuncture at all. Treatment based on symmetry theory is especially effective for athletic injuries and instant pain relief.