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SomatoEmotional Release Therapy 

SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is a therapy that heals through the links between the body’s physical and emotional components. SER helps the patient expel negative residual effects of past trauma from the body, whether they were physical or emotional in nature. (Trauma is serious physical or emotional injury or shock to the body, that creates substantial, lasting damage to the psychological development of a person.)

After the body has undergone trauma it does not always heal completely. Often, it retains an “energy cyst,” which is an isolated concentration of negative energy. A normal body can work around the cyst and carry on its daily functions. However, the cyst will continue to drain energy out of the system, preventing the body from reaching optimal health. Oftentimes, as the body ages or weakens, it can no longer afford the cyst’s demands for extra energy, and other health problems will begin to surface.

SER is a method that helps patients identify and rid themselves of an energy cyst by re-experiencing and resolving past traumas. After a patient has experienced SER, other symptoms will heal much more quickly than before, as the body’s healing power is restored to full capacity. In the natnun circuit model, an energy cyst is one of the forces that can block the responding circuits. Ridding the body of the cyst reconnects the natnun circuit, thereby enhancing all the body’s healing activities.
SER is a development that came out of research into craniosacral therapy.