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Who is Dr. Moon?

Dr. In Eon Moon has been healing for over 40 years, using a combination of knowledge, experience, and true concern for the health of his patients. He has often brought relief where other doctors gave up in confusion or defeat. He has healed the source of illness, when others dealt only with the symptoms. He has provided long term solutions instead of stopgap measures. Dr. Moon provides compassionate, personal, and learned treatment for people who need and appreciate good healthcare.

Dr. Moon was born in Seoul, Korea in 1942. Despite growing up in a colonized, war-torn Korea, he was a disciplined and persevering student who graduated from the top high school in the country. He began to learn and practice acupuncture during his first year of college at the top-ranked Seoul National University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics.

His interest in acupuncture stemmed from his love of physics and its universality. Dr. Moon based his learning on the primary Eastern philosophy that any basic law of nature will hold true in the body as well. He often visited remote country areas to learn from Buddhist monks and the Grand Masters of acupuncture.

After service in the Korean army as a lieutenant and a short stint in a government agency, he married and immigrated to the U.S. in 1969. Although the public had never heard of acupuncture at that time, Dr. Moon had faith in the healing he was performing. In the years since, his faith has been repaid by the numerous Americans who have enjoyed the benefits of acupuncture and other alternative healing arts.

Dr. Moon is a unique healer not only because of his great skill in acupuncture, but also because of his constant desire to learn about different healing practices. This eagerness to learn has earned him expertise and degrees in many disparate fields including a Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine, a Doctorate in Naprapathy, and Diplomate Candidate in Applied Kinesiology. To this day he is a student, avidly attending workshops and seminars at every opportunity. It is truly rare to find a doctor of any kind who has mastered so many fields. He combines the sciences of East with West, and the knowledge of antiquity with the advances of modern medicine to provide the most well rounded care.

One example of this combination is Meridian Kinesiology ®, a field that Dr. Moon himself pioneered and developed. Combining applied kinesiology with acupuncture, he is able to swiftly detect food and medicine allergies, and make complete, accurate diagnoses for appropriate nutritional, naprapathic, and acupuncture treatment. He also developed the most advanced form yet of constitutional acupuncture, a powerful healing tool that magnifies the power of classical acupuncture.

As is often true of avid students, Dr. Moon is also an experienced teacher. He founded his own acupuncture academy, led South Baylor University as Clinical Director and professor, taught countless seminars for other doctors, and has been a professor at Union University and California State University, Los Angeles. He has also been a guest instructor at Northwestern University Medical School and Columbia College in Chicago. His publications include 25 technical papers and books on acupuncture and applied kinesiology.

His most recent work has centered on the colon. Through his research and practice he has confirmed the benefits of colonic irrigation, and invented the Sitolonic, a device that allows patients to administer colonics at home naturally and comfortably, while SEATED on a toilet seat.

You will be hard-pressed to find a doctor as skilled, learned, and committed to healing as Dr. Moon. He has harnessed tremendous healing energy and control by fasting and practicing Qi Kong for the past 40 years. Through his years of practice he has won the admiration of his students, the respect of his colleagues, and most importantly, the gratitude of his patients.

Dr. Moon has five children, and lives in Irvine with his wife. Greetings and welcome. You are in good hands.