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What is the Best Way to Cleanse the Colon? 

Colonic Irrigation is the best method for cleansing your colon, and the Sitolonic is the best device for it. Colonic irrigation using the Sitolonic is a very simple process that achieves outstanding results.

The Sitolonic will gently pipe water into your colon, soaking and loosening the tough layer encrusted to the walls, and washing out the thriving, poisonous bacteria. Many years of incomplete waste elimination have resulted in a tenacious layer that grips the organ walls. Therefore, it may take several treatments before all the old material has been flushed out. As soon as this old layer is removed, your beneficial bacteria will start to reproduce, your waste matter will move more quickly through your system, you will absorb more nutrients, and you will have more energy.

Furthermore, the Sitolonic will re-train your bowel muscles in the action of peristalsis, leaving you with a stronger, rehabilitated colon. It will also provide deep tissue cleansing for your entire body by opening up the passageways that feed beneficial nutrients to polluted tissues. This is necessary because the old toxins, which had previously seeped from the colon into your body, will still be embedded there. Using these nutrients, those tissues will begin to regenerate, resulting in deep tissue cleansing.

One of the Sitolonic’s other major health benefits is aiding in the healing process. Everyday your colon and liver consume vital energy to detoxify your bowels — even after they’ve had a thorough cleansing. Having a colonic takes much of the burden off those organs. The result is that your body has more healing energy to direct to other tissues. Many patients cured of bowel dysfunction still continue with regular colonics because of the other health benefits they see. Incorporating colonic irrigations into your everyday lifestyle will improve your all-around health.

Some specific benefits you can expect to see are: 

Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

Clear, Glowing Skin
: One of the immediate results is that your skin will clear up. Blemishes on the skin are your body’s way of getting rid of toxins; if you clean the source of these toxins, you will get rid of pimples, rashes, and other irregularities. Acupuncture channels closely link the colon, lungs, and skin, making a clean colon the key to clear skin and healthy lungs. (Makeup users will notice that it applies more smoothly and looks better due to improved skin texture.)

Faster Recovery from All Illnesses: Your immune system will be boosted, resulting in quick recovery from jetlag, flu, colds, and other common ailments. Colonics are also helpful with recovery from stroke. You should not forego other treatment for these illnesses. Rather, in combination with conventional medicine, colonics will help your body heal faster.

Relief from Chronic Habitual Constipation: Colonics will not only give you relief from constipation, they will also cure the cause of it. Unlike laxatives, which are poisonous to the large intestine, the Sitolonic is a natural, healthy way to retrain the colon. It cleans the encrusted bowel walls that cause constipation and tones the peristaltic muscles, resulting in a stronger, more efficient colon, capable of functioning independently.

Relief from Diarrhea: Immediately relieves diarrhea by flushing out the harmful organisms that cause it.

Increased Libido: The male and female reproductive organs are neighbors of the colon and their health directly depends on the state of the colon. As your colon gets healthier, you will have an increased sex drive.

Improved General Health: You will see a general improvement in your health from removing the toxins that have slowly poisoned your body for so long. Once that source of poisons is removed, your tissues can return to their normal functions, resulting in increased vitality and a stronger immune system.

Boosted energy: You will experience less fatigue as your cleaner tissues are able to absorb and convert nutrients more efficiently into energy.