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How to Use your Sitolonic  

1. Fill a water container with 5 gallons or more of warm water.

2. Siphon water into the tubing until you see water coming out of the rectal tip.  Then close the clamp to stop the flow of water.

3. Lubricate the rectal tip and the rectum itself with a safe lubricant, such as lotion. Before proceeding, be sure to read the Warnings for maximum safety.

4. Guiding the rectal tip with your hand, carefully and gently insert it into the rectum as you slowly lower yourself onto the toilet seat.

Warning: Do not attempt to force the rectal tip if you feel pain. The pain may be due to misdirecting the tip, or obstacles such as hemorrhoids. If you feel pain, stop, and repeat Steps 3 and 4.

5. After you are sitting comfortably on the toilet seat with the rectal tip in the rectum, open the clamp. Allow water to flow into your colon until you feel full, then close the clamp to shut off water flow.

6. Hold the water in until you feel the strong urge to evacuate. Evacuate freely, allowing your muscles to work naturally. Repeat this process until all the water has been used.

7. After each use wash the rectal tip and clean it with a germicidal solution to prevent infection. Never share the tip.

8. See Tips for Successful Colon Cleansing for the best results.


1. Always thoroughly lubricate the rectal tip and rectum, both outside and 1/2 inch inside.

2. Use great caution when aligning the rectal tip and your rectum.

3.  Be sure the rectal tip is not misaligned or inadequately lubricated, since you could cause serious damage to your colon, including colon perforation, sepsis, ruptured hemorrhoids or other injury.

4.  Insert the rectal tip very slowly, and lower your body very slowly. If you feel pain, pull up, re-lubricate, and start all over again.

5.  NEVER share the plate, rectal tip, or any hoses with anybody else!

6.  Keep the rectal tip in a germicidal solution between uses to prevent infection.

7.  Be sure to place the bottom of the water container at least 30-50 inches above the toilet seat.