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What Makes the Sitolonic Simply Better? 

Up to this point you have learned how your colon gets sick, why its important to take care of it, and what can happen if you don’t. You have also read about the great benefits of colon cleansing, particularly using the colonic irrigation method. But how can you best achieve these results?

Use the Sitolonic.

When you take a look at all the other methods people have used to cleanse their colons, it quickly becomes obvious that the Sitolonic is the best. The Sitolonic is the cleanest, simplest, and most natural way to reap the healthy benefits of colonic irrigation. It is more affordable and comfortable than professional treatments, and more portable and cleaner than at-home devices. It also emulates nature better than any previous devices. What exactly makes the Sitolonic better?:

It’s Natural:

  • While using the Sitolonic, the patient can take the natural eliminating position — sitting on the toilet with feet shoulder-width apart, and bending over so that the chest touches the knees. This position puts the bowel in a horizontal position that allows water to flow more freely in and out.
  • It also retrains your peristaltic muscles to squeeze out feces on its own.  During the course of one Sitolonic, your colon will contract numerous times, each time toning the muscles you’ll need for regular bowel movements.  No other device exercises your bowel muscles so well.
  • This natural position also relaxes the anal and rectal sphincter muscles for more complete, comfortable elimination.
  • Because the bowel is in a normal defecating position, it can totally empty itself during the irrigation. When taking colonic irrigations lying down, patients cannot fully eliminate and must eliminate again in a sitting position, after the treatment is over. The Sitolonic cuts out that extra step.

 It’s Clean:

  • Unlike clinical treatments, which channel fecal matter out of the rectum through messy tubes, the Sitolonic allows you to eliminate directly into the toilet bowl. There are no dirty tubes to clean or disposable kits to buy. There is also no chance of the unpleasant accident of a tube popping loose from the anus.
  • Colonic boards require that the patient lie down on a board, allowing soiled water to get all over the patient’s backside. The Sitolonic keeps the patient clean and dry by channeling dirty water and fecal matter directly into the toilet.
  • With the Sitolonic, there is minimal cleaning work for you to do — just the small rectal tip and a 4×16 inch plate. With colonic boards, you must disinfect an unwieldy 2×5 foot board AND the rectal tip after every use!

It’s Comfortable:

  • Sitolonic’s tip is 16 times smaller! Professional treatments insert a 1″ thick speculum (connected to two tubes) into the anus. It’s so much more comfortable to use the Sitolonic’s 1/4″ rectal tip. A 1/4″ cross section isn’t just 4 times smaller, but 16 times smaller!
  • Because you are sitting while using the Sitolonic, you can very easily read, write, answer the phone, watch TV or compute while the Sitolonic cleans your colon. Out of any colonic method, the Sitolonic gives you the most freedom to do what you want during the process.

It’s Affordable:

  • Unlike costly professional treatments, the Sitolonic pays for itself within a few uses. You can use it in the comfort and privacy of your own home as often as you like. No appointments to make, no traffic to fight, and no doctor’s bills to pay.

It’s Portable:

  • The Sitolonic is the smallest, lightest, most portable device for colonic irrigations. It fits into a briefcase so that you can maintain your health while travelling, and especially use it to conquer jetlag!