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Does this Describe You? 

Do you suffer from… 
Constipation or diarrhea? Especially when you travel? 
Blemishes on your skin, such as acne, rashes, eczema, or psoriasis? 
A sore throat, off and on? 
Bad breath? 
Allergies or asthma? Have they been getting worse? 
Excessive or strong smelling gas? 
Diabetes or cancer? Or have relatives who do? 
A heart condition? 
Menstrual problems?
Have you experienced… 
Lower back pain? Shoulder pain? 
Trouble with your digestion? 
A bloated feeling after a normal meal? 
Dulled vision or hearing? 
Occasional pain or cramping in your abdomen? 
Urinary incontinence? 
Swollen tonsils?
Do you… 
Often feel tired or weak? 
Catch colds easily? Recover from them slowly? 
Have difficulty raising your arm above your head? 
Have a recurring ankle problem, such as sprains, pain, or swelling? More often on the right than the left? 
Have similar problems with your knees or hips? More often on the right than the left?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need the Sitolonic. 
Clinical evidence proves that most of these symptoms can be relieved by cleansing your colon!

Now ask yourself this:

Do you want to… 
Be healthier? 
Be more attractive? 
Be more productive? 
Have more energy? 
Prevent diabetes or cancer? 
Prevent other hereditary diseases?    

Are you interested in… 
A stronger immune system? 
Improving your sex life? 
Removing cancer-causing material from your body? 
A great looking complexion?

Cleansing the colon can give you these benefits.