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Meridian Kinesiology ™

Meridian Kinesiology is a synthesis of applied kinesiology and acupuncture, combining the diagnostic aspects of the former with the healing abilities of the latter. It is a specialized field within applied kinesiology that relates acupuncture meridians to various muscle responses.

The practitioner will test the response of a patient’s acupuncture point by challenging a muscle. How the muscle responds – in either a strong or weak way – will reflect the state of that acupuncture point’s corresponding organ.

In laymen’s terms, this means the doctor will touch an acupuncture point that corresponds to a body system he wants to know more about, such as the liver. He will then press down on a muscle, usually an extended arm or leg. If the muscle stays strong, that indicates a healthy liver, if it goes weak, that means something is wrong. It is a wonderfully quick, accurate, and non-invasive method of diagnosis, and is especially helpful in determining the state of systems deep within the body.

Dr. Moon founded the field of Meridian Kinesiology, drawing on his wide background in various healing arts. He has taught meridian kinesiology to his colleagues for many years and remains a pioneer in the field. Dr. Moon’s discoveries in this field have contributed much to the success of his work in Constitutional Acupuncture. For example, meridian kinesiology made it possible to establish 264 distinct constitution types. More importantly, it made accessible to other acupuncturists the great healing benefits of constitutional acupuncture, a field previously made obscure by its practical difficulty.