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Many Paths to Healing

There are many wonderful healing therapies that are based on, related to, or even totally separate from acupuncture. In his more than 40 years of practice, Dr. Moon has studied many of them, carefully weighing how each new development could help his patients. He has synthesized many new therapies into his practice to complement the acupuncture.

The development of new therapies can be exciting, but in the field of alternative medicine, there is always the danger of either running into “quacks” or getting accused of being one. Therefore, you should be careful about who you believe, from the fields of both conventional and alternative medicine.

Because of this atmosphere in the field of natural healing, Dr. Moon examines each new development with both a critical eye and an open mind. At the Energy Medicine Center, he offers only those services that he is sure will benefit his patients. Of the many natural healing methods available, Dr. Moon presently performs:

Constitutional Acupuncture

Eight Symmetry Acupuncture 

Applied Kinesiology


Meridian Kinesiology

Pneumatic Therapy (Cupping)

Colonic Irrigation

Contact Reflex Analysis

CranioSacral Therapy

Strain Counterstrain Technique


SomatoEmotional Release