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Strain / Counterstrain Technique 

The strain/counterstrain technique is a way of relieving strained joints or muscles. Most of us have had the experience of waking up one morning with neck or back pain, simply from “sleeping funny.” This is actually a real example of muscle strain, and it sometimes goes away on its own, or sometimes, as in the case of whiplash, it needs professional medical attention. You can strain the joints/muscles in any part of your body, but Dr. Moon most often sees strain in the neck or lumbar regions.

Strain/counterstrain is a relaxing process that almost feels like a massage. The practitioner will locate and apply pressure to the “tender point” of the strained muscle. Then he will situate the muscle in the position of least discomfort, and hold it there for 90 seconds. This helps the muscle tissue “remember” where it ought to be. Finally, the doctor will very, very slowly return the muscle to its original position, at which point the joint/muscle is no longer strained.

This method works wonders with whiplash when other methods, such as spinal manipulation, physical therapy, or acupuncture, have failed. It is also excellent for athletic injuries.

Strain/counterstrain is a method developed by an osteopath, Dr. Lawrence Jones, from a chance discovery 40 years ago. It has since been developed and taught to many medical practitioners.